Optimizing the organization of family medicine practice

Dear Colleagues and the Members (and the potential future members) of EGPRN,

On behalf of the EGPRN and the local organizing committee we welcome you to the Meeting at Istanbul, in May 2022. The mission of WONCA Europe was mentioned as the development of GP/FM discipline in Region Europe by addressing the current challenges of health and healthcare. The theme of this meeting is "Optimizing the organization of family medicine practice" in order to accomplish this vision. When we checked the meaning of “organization” in the Webster dictionary, the words “forming a business for a particular purpose”, “certain order to be found or used easily” and the “process of planning” emerged and attracted our attention. Because the crucial discussion describing primary care (PC) organization was based on exactly the same concepts (if we summarise the words as needs, structure and delivery) after many years.

Today the authors consolidated several frameworks and defined: 1) population needs; 2) organization and structure of PC practices; 3) delivery of PC services and 4) patient and population health outcomes as the four domains and added connecting constructs to link the domains: accessibility, appropriateness, productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, equity and integration. Knowledge about the relationship between structure and process (including the interpersonal and societal exchange/performance of GP/FP)  and outcome derives from the organizational, behavioral and health care sciences. So we need to study in interprofessional and multisectoral teams in order to evaluate detailed research on PC organization.

We hope we will discuss the weaknesses and the strengths, opportunities and the threats of PC Organization in different conditions and develop many approaches during this meeting under the light of well-planned and applied trials or controlled observational studies, evidence, collaboration and collectivity in EGPRN-Istanbul. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul!

Prof. Dr. Pemra CÖBEK UNALAN

Host Organising Committee