Programme Overview

Preliminary programme, subject to change.

EGPRN Executive Board Meeting
Location: Dorint Charlottenhof Halle Hotel - EB Schloss Neuenburg Hall

Only for Members of the Executive Board


Price not included in conference fee.

EGPRN Council Meeting
Location: Dorint Charlottenhof Halle Hotel - Moritzburg 1+2 Hall

Only for EGPRN Executive Board and EGPRN Council members.

EGPRN Committee Meetings and Working Groups

- EGPRN Educational Committee - Dorint Charlottenhof Halle Hotel - Schloss Neuenburg Hall
- EGPRN Research Strategy Committee - Dorint Charlottenhof Halle Hotel - Wettin 1+2
- EGPRN PR & Communication Committee - Dorint Charlottenhof Halle Hotel - Rudelsburg 1+2

Online Presenters Orientation Meeting

We welcome all online-presenters (Session G & H) to join this meeting to familiarize themselves with the presentation user interface, ask questions and resolve any technical issues. If you have presented an oral presentation during any of the past two virtual conferences you do not need to attend this session.

Welcome Reception and Opening Cocktail
Location: Dorint Charlottenhof Halle Hotel - Giebichenstein 1+2
Location: Händelhalle Foyer
Opening & International Keynote Lecture
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Dr. Tiny Van Merode (Chair)
  • Welcome by Local Host - Prof. Dr. Thomas Frese (Speaker)
  • How do we integrate clinical research in General Practice? It's time to wake the sleeping beauty. - Prof. Anthony Heymann (Keynote Speaker)
Plenary Session - Theme Papers
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Prof. Dr. Lieve Peremans (Chair)
  • Impact of multimorbidity on healthcare professional task-shifting potential in patients with type 2 diabetes in primary care: a French cross-sectional study. - Irene Supper
  • Lessons learned from the implementation of the IMOCAFV multicenter study on Family Violence - Lodewijk Pas
  • Incidence and Case-Fatality of Hemorrhagic Stroke In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation: A Nationwıde Registry-Based Cohort Study - Paula Tiili
Blue Dot Coffee Break
Location: Händelhalle Atelier (3rd floor)
Coffee Break
Location: Händelhalle Foyer
Parallel Session A - Theme Papers: Mental Health
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Dr. Ana Luisa Neves (Chair)
  • “Never change a winning team”: GPs’ perspectives on discontinuation of long-term antidepressants - Ellen Van Leeuwen
  • Community Health Workers as a Strategy to Tackle Psychosocial Suffering Due to Physical Distancing: A Randomized Controlled Trial - Dorien Vanden Bossche
  • Evaluation of a pragmatic c-RCT to discontinue (z)BZD use for insomnia in general practice - Kristien Coteur
Parallel Session B - Freestanding Papers: Mental Health and Person-Centred Care
Location: Händelhalle Kleiner Saal
  • Prof. Ayse Caylan (Chair)
  • Experiences of Patients with Common Mental Disorders concerning Team-based Primary Care and a Person-Centered Dialogue Meeting: an Intervention to promote return to work - Ausra Saxvik
  • Challenges of research on person-centered care in general practice: a scoping review - Jako Burgers
  • Frequency, content and stress levels of incoming phone calls related to COVID-19: Results of a flash-mob study among German general practice teams - Achim Mortsiefer
Research Café
Location: Händelhalle Atelier (3rd floor)

Do you have any questions about research that you are doing or would like to do?
Ask the EGPRN’s experts at the lunchtime “Research Café”!
Lunchboxes will be available in the meeting room.

Location: Händelhalle Foyer
Parallel Session C - Theme Papers: Vaccines
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Prof. Jean Yves Le Reste (Chair)
  • Effectiveness and safety of the tetanus vaccine by intramuscular versus subcutaneous route in anticoagulated patients. Randomized clinical trial in primary care. - Ana Clavería
  • Vaccine hesitancy in adults: a multi-center study on primary healthcare users' attitudes in Greece - Philippe-Richard Domeyer
  • Shared decision making enhances vaccination rates in adult patients in outpatient care – a systematic review and meta-analysis - Linda Sanftenberg
Parallel Session D - Freestanding Papers: COVID-19
Location: Händelhalle Kleiner Saal
  • Prof. Torunn Bjerve Eide (Chair)
  • The long-term effect of COVID-19 – primary care survey - Shlomo Vinker
  • The Covid-19 pandemic: Reorganization of health services and coping of health care workers in Primary Health Care. - Conceição Outeirinho
  • Regional differences in the perception of COVID-19 pandemic management: A Germany-wide survey among general practitioners - Manuela Schmidt
Coffee Break
Location: Händelhalle Foyer
Parallel Session E - Theme Papers: Miscellaneous
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Prof. Philippe-Richard Domeyer (Chair)
  • Clinical outcome data of first cohort of chronic pain patients treated with cannabis-based sublingual oils in the United Kingdom – analysis from the UK Medical Cannabis Registry - Michal Kawka
  • Evaluation of Simplified Tool In Pharmacovigilance For General Practitioners: 5 Years of Insight - Andry Rabiaza
  • Designing and implementing an evidence-based integrated and multidisciplinary and patient-centered model of care for NAFLD/NASH in primary care in Europe - Irini Gergianaki
Parallel Session F - Freestanding Papers: Miscellaneous
Location: Händelhalle Kleiner Saal
  • Prof. Pavlo Kolesnyk (Chair)
  • Men`s knowledge about erectile dysfunction and its management options: Results from primary care study in Latvia - Kamila Pankova
  • The effect of violence against healthcare professionals on the career plans of intern doctors - Sanem Nemmezi Karaca
Summary of the day
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Dr. Tiny Van Merode (Chair)
  • Prof. Anthony Heymann (Speaker)
EGPRN Collaborative Study Group Meetings: Örenäs
Location: Händelhalle Kleiner Saal
Practice Visits in Halle

Location: 3 different options
Online pre-registration required, space is limited.
Please see for more details.

National Keynote Lecture
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Frese (Chair)
  • Ready for the future ? Disruptive innovations - data - studies - Prof. Dr. Christian Franken (Keynote Speaker)
Parallel Session G: Online Session: Theme & Freestanding Papers and One Slide Five Minute Presentations
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Frese (Chair)
  • BNT162b2 vaccine effectiveness in preventing asymptomatic infection with SARS-CoV-2 virus: a nationwide historical cohort study - Galia Zacay
  • A COVID-19 Conundrum – Can the reported skin manifestations of COVID-19 be explained by re-activation of herpes virus? - Itamar Getzler
  • A new data collection project for studies of the process of diagnosis in primary care: collecting data on reasons for encounter and diagnoses in episodes of care in Europe. - Jean Karl Soler
  • Has social isolation during COVID 19 pandemic lead to exacerbation of diabetes mellitus in the elderly and has the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) changes these results? - Niva Kallus
  • Health Issues and Health Needs of Gay and Bisexual Men Concerning Primary Health Care in Turkey - Filiz Ak
Parallel Session H: Online Session: Freestanding Papers & Posters
Location: Händelhalle Kleiner Saal
  • Dr. Claire Collins (Chair)
  • The patient-centered care and its relation to the outcomes of care in family medicine - Goranka Petricek
  • Musculoskeletal pains among phlebotomists in outpatient clinics: prevalence, and association with personal factors and ergonomic analysis of the workstation - Joseph Azuri
  • Heartwatch: a chronic disease management program for heart disease in Ireland. - Fintan Stanley
  • A study of burnout and associated factors in Irish GPs and GP trainees during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Darragh Mc Kenna
  • Syphilis and Gonorrhoea: Portugal Trend and Seasonality - Cátia Dias
Coffee Break
Location: Händelhalle Foyer
Poster Session 1
Location: Händelhalle Foyer
  • Pam Paul Van Royen (Chair)
  • Experiences and expectations of medical students and GP teachers regarding long-term mentoring relationships in longitudinal general practice tracks - Preliminary results of an ongoing qualitative study - Anna Scholz
  • Raising medical students’ awareness for the interdependence between oral health and chronic diseases to promote future collaboration with dentists – evaluation of a problem-based learning approach - Tobias Deutsch
  • Preventive Care practices in Europe according to the health expenditure - Sara Ares Blanco
  • Lifestyle of adolescents in Roumanian Southeastern Region - Mariana Stuparu Cretu
  • Assessment of Confirmed Covid 19 Cases - Michael Dandoulakis
Poster Session 2
Location: Händelhalle Foyer
  • Dr. Negar Pourbordbari (Chair)
  • The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and related restrictions on the development of depression in primary care, Latvia - Maija Puce
  • Motivational Interviewing for substance abuse. A systematic review. - Carla Dietrich
  • Telemonitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic at the primary care level: patients’ perspective - Marija Petek Šter
  • Point-of-care testing among general practitioners, a cross-sectional study - Ricarda Oehme
  • Factors That Influence the Mortality Rate Among Individuals Who are Over 65 Years Old and Utilize Home Health Care Services - Büşra Çimen Korkmaz
Poster Session 3
Location: Händelhalle Foyer
  • Prof. Ana Clavería (Chair)
  • Identifying patients with psychosocial problems in general practice: a scoping review. - Rosemarie Schwenker
  • PIA: Acceptability of the Practice Management Center PIA for hypertension treatment in general practices - Physicians´ and practice assistants´ point of view - Arian Karimzadeh
  • Evaluation of practice rotations using the Placement Evaluation Tool (PET): A standardized translation involving medical students and teaching physicians - Maximilian Wehner
  • Community pharmacy as an alternative source for mental health support within the primary care network – the views of pharmacy users. - Franziska Stoeckel
  • Improvement of the Quality of Management of Confirmed COVID 19 Cases in the Open Surgery of Health Center of VARI - Dimitris Nesseris
  • Quality Assessment of the Management of Suspected and Probable COVID-19 Cases in the Health Center of VARIS - Dimitra Iosifina Papageorgiou
Poster Session 4
Location: Händelhalle Foyer
  • Dr. Didem Kafadar (Chair)
  • Peer- elaboration and ranking of core values in general practice in post-Soviet Ukraine. - Pavlo Kolesnyk
  • Caring relatives in General Practice – subjective perspectives of General Practitioners from Saxony-Anhalt - Yvonne Marx
  • The GPs' low readiness to treat excessive consumers with brief intervention to reduce their alcohol consumption: A problem of the health problem? - Thomas Fankhaenel
  • Pragmatic controlled study to test the effectiveness of a group intervention using pain neuroscience education and exercise in women with fibromyalgia - Jesús González-Lama
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment in general population with the national health service: The SPICES French first step. - Delphine Le Goff
  • Randomized controlled trials on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases in African countries - a systematic review - Eric Kroeber
Location: Händelhalle Foyer
Parallel Session I - Freestanding Papers: Digital Health
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Prof. Radost Assenova (Chair)
  • Predicting Body Mass Index From Self-Declared Socio-Demographic, Psychological, and Behavioral Data With Artificial Neural Network - Pemra C. Unalan
  • Telemonitoring of patients with COVID-19 at the primary care level: a pilot study results - Diana Podgoršek
  • Chatbots in Family Medicine: A Systematic Review and Perspectives - Simon-Konstantin Thiem
  • Benefits and Challenges of Using Virtual Primary Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: From Key Lessons to a Framework for Implementation - Ana Luisa Neves
Parallel Session J - EGPRN Special Methodology Session and Research Course Presentations
Location: Händelhalle Kleiner Saal
  • Dr. Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Chair)
  • What do people without a healthcare qualification think are the advantages and disadvantages of COVID-19 vaccination? A European research protocol from the EGPRN Fellows. - Marija Zafirovska
  • Pathways and Perspective from Family Doctors who are Researchers in Portugal - A Policy Brief Forum for the development of a Strategic view . - Margarida Gil Conde
  • A Situational Analysis of Serbian strategy for implementation of Primary Health care in Family Violence - Snezana Knezevic
  • Response of the Primary Health Care Professionals to Domestic Violence - Serbian a mixed method review - Snezana Knezevic
  • Establishing An Obesity Management Programme İn Primary Care - Didem Kafadar
Coffee Break
Location: Händelhalle Foyer
Parallel Session K - Theme Papers: Digital Health
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Prof. Shlomo Vinker (Chair)
  • Rapid detection of NAFLD and its evolutionary stages toward cirrhosis at the targeted population through multiparametric liver ultrasonographic screening (MLUS) and artificial intelligence with fibrosis risk stratification by family physicians. - Mihai Iacob
  • IT-Infrastructure for Supporting the North Rheine-Westphalian General Practice Research Network (NRW.GPRN): Results from the Pilot Study - Birgitta Weltermann
Parallel Session L - One Slide Five Minute Presentations
Location: Händelhalle Kleiner Saal
  • Dr. Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Chair)
  • Fostering specialist training in General Practice – evaluation of the centers of competence in specialist training in Saxony-Anhalt - Christiane Henckel
  • Cornerstones for involving General Practitioners in research in Latvia - Elina Skuja
  • Simplified follow-up clinical trial in type 2 diabetes ESSIDIA - Pilot - Sabine Bayen
  • Bibliographic Analysis of Thesis on Smoking Cessation Clinics in Primary Care Services in Turkey - Cetin Akin
  • The Impact of Multimorbidity and Socioeconomic Status on Health Service Utilisation Before and During the COVID 19 Pandemic - Anna Evans
  • What about primary health care data during the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe? - Sara Ares Blanco
Closing Session
Location: Händelhalle Großer Saal
  • Summary of the day - Prof. Dr. Christian Franken (Speaker)
  • Chairperson’s Report by EGPRN Chair - Prof. Davorina Petek (Chair)
  • Presentation of the Poster-Prize for the best poster presented - Prof. Pemra C. Unalan
  • Introduction to the next EGPRN meeting - Prof. Pemra C. Unalan
Social Night with Dinner, Dance and Music!

Pre-booking online essential.

Steintor Varieté Halle - Am Steintor 10, 06112 Halle

EGPRN Executive Board Meeting
Location: Dorint Charlottenhof Halle Hotel - EB Schloss Neuenburg Hall

Only for Members of the Executive Board