Bibliographic Analysis of Thesis on Smoking Cessation Clinics in Primary Care Services in Turkey

Cetin Akin, Ozden Gokdemir, Vildan Mevsim

Keywords: Smoking Cessation Clinics, Bibliographic Analysis, Primary Care in Turkey

Smoking is one of the major public health problems all over the world. About 7 million people die every year due to smoking. According to the WHO, tobacco-related deaths are estimated to exceed 8 million per year by 2030, unless a strict action plan is implemented. It is known that 70% of tobacco users think about quitting and 80% of them try to quit smoking at once in their life. There are widespread and comprehensive control programs against smoking. These programs include laws, taxes, promoting smoking cessation, limiting tobacco and tar in cigarettes, controlling advertising, controlling use in public places and controlling smuggling. In Turkey, public announcements are organized to encourage smoking cessation and drugs are provided free of charge. Smoking cessation clinics are the most important centers for smoking cessation.
The aim of this research is to evaluate the thesis on smoking cessation clinics in Turkey with the bibliographic method, to reveal the current situation in this field and to offer solutions on the subject.

Research questions:
1. To evaluate the status and effectiveness of smoking cessation clinics at primary care
2. To define the perspective of academicians

The research data will be obtained from the thesis, which are registered in National Thesis Center (YÖK), written on smoking cessation clinics and open to access. The data obtained from the thesis examined can be classified according to year, type, method, subject, university and institute etc. Evaluations will be made by analyzing according to the variables.
As a result of the research, in which years the studies on smoking cessation clinics were common in Turkey, the most used methods in the study types will be determined. In this way, the thesis written on the subject will be brought together and this can be a reference for researchers.


This is an ongoing study.

Points for discussion:
YÖK documentary is reviewed, should another reference be added to evaluate as some of the smoking cessation clinics are the part of the secondary healthcare system?